These 10 countries Grant Visa-Free Entry to Kenyans!


Did you know that the Kenyan passport is the 6th most powerful in Africa yet Kenyans do not explore this advantage? It is also the most powerful passport in East Africa, and is ranked 50th in the world out of 199 indexed passports. As a result, Kenyan passport holders can visit 68 countries in the world visa-free, 19 of which are in Africa. So, have you been holding back from traveling because of long visa application processes? Well, you could consider visiting any of these 10 African countries, as you use these great travel tips to greatly reduce your travel costs!

  1. All East African Countries

The EAC common market has a regulation that allows for free movement of citizens in and out of member states. These are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Therefore, as long as you have valid identification, you can move freely around any of these countries. The free visa period varies from country to country, for instance Burundi grants Kenyans 30 days, while Tanzania grants 90 days. Here are highlights from some EAC Countries:

a) Uganda



The Pearl of Africa, the land of bananas, is a great place to travel to. Enjoy authentic banana-centred meals like matoke and katogo. The part of Lake Victoria that is in Uganda, is the source of the River Nile, and makes for an amazing tourist attraction. In addition, you can visit the Itanda and Bujagali falls in Jinja, which provide a great portion of electricity to East Africa.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 33.22 Ugandan Shillings

b) Tanzania


Tanzanians are generally known to be very polite and friendly people. They value their culture and traditions, and firmly believe in unity and harmony. There are a lot of activities you could do while in Tanzania. You can go hiking on Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest mountain in Africa as well as witness the wildebeest migration, which is the 8th wonder of the world.  Also, you can take in the beauty of Zanzibar which is a fascinating island just off the shores of Tanzania. Do not leave without visiting Serengeti National Park and Arusha National Park where there is a beautiful variety of wild animals, birds and tree species.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 21.52 Tanzanian Shillings

c) Rwanda



Rwanda has evolved and developed into the cleanest and one of the most peaceful countries in East & Central Africa. Every last Sunday of the month, there is a community cleaning and service in Kigali. How admirable is that?

Though small, the country has a number of attractions worth visiting, like the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre (you will definitely tear up here as you look at the long list of all the people who perished during the genocide, and listen to survivors recounting the story), the Volcanoes National Park, which is home to an endangered species of gorilla, the National Museum of Rwanda and Lake Kivu.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 7.89 Rwandan Francs

d) Burundi



Rwanda’s neighbouring state is a small country. which hosts a small part of Lake Tanganyika open to visitors. Among other things you can interact with the locals in Bujumbura which is the country’s capital. Burundians have a great culture where drums are held in high value, and you can witness drumming events at Gashuro.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 16.47 Burundian francs

  1. Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression Source:

The Danakil Depression

Ethiopia is a country of many firsts. Coffee was first discovered here by a goat herder, and the Rastafarian movement came into being courtesy of an Ethiopian prince, Ras Tafari. It is also home to Lake Tana, which is the source of the Blue Nile River, which together with the White Nile River in Sudan, forms the Great Nile River. River Nile is the longest river in the world, and Lake Tana supplies 85% of its water. Most of all, the country was never colonised.

Things To Do In Ethiopia: 

With more than 80 different ethnic groups and over 200 languages, there is a lot of culture to take in when you visit Ethiopia. A fascinating point about this country is that the Ethiopian calendar has 13 months, and is about 7 and a half years behind the ordinary calendar. That means that it is currently 2009 in Ethiopia!

We featured Habesha Restaurant, a restaurant offering Ethiopian cuisine in Nairobi, where traditional Ethiopian dances and ceremonies entertain guests. While in Ethiopia, you can be part of the many ceremonies and festivals that they have; perhaps you may even stumble on the coffee drinking ceremony. Birr is the Ethiopian currency, and you can use your Visa and MasterCard in ATMs throughout Addis Ababa, the country’s capital.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 0.22 Ethiopian Birr

  1. Ghana



Did you read about the jollof wars that are always raging in West Africa? Well, this country offers some of the best original jollof rice and a lot of other exquisite dishes.

Things To Do In Ghana:

The city of Accra is a must-visit, with about 2 million residents. Go to The National Museum, which houses a collection of Ghana’s historical treasures, and the National Theatre, made from unique modern Chinese art. The Ashanti Kingdom, which is considered to be the cultural heartbeat of Ghana is also a great place to tour because it is super rich in history and traditions.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 0.039 Ghanaian Cedi

  1. Lesotho



Kenyans have 90 days to tour this beautiful kingdom, visa-free. The country is small and an enclave of South Africa, which means that South Africa completely surrounds Lesotho. This is probably the best country to visit, if you are looking for rich Southern-African traditions and cultures.

Things To Do in Lesotho:

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of mountains, gullies and rugged terrains that cover most of the country, and waterfalls that will surely take your breath away. You could also learn a lot about the monarchical system of government.

The Basotho (the people of Lesotho) in the countryside live in traditional huts built around a cattle pen, which are beautifully designed with bright colours.  You could also enjoy Lesotho’s food culture, with staples of potato, seafood, rice and vegetables, mealie pap, stews made with peanuts and sauces with beetroot salad as a common side.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 0.14 Lesotho Loti

  1. Swaziland



This is another country in the southern region of Africa which still uses the monarchical system. You can be sure to enjoy cultural dances as you visit the traditional homesteads and sample the vast collection of beautiful handicrafts, which you can take home.

Swaziland is rich in culture and is the best place for you if you are looking to explore the roots of African traditions, particularly for the South African region. Kenyan passport holders have 30 days to enjoy all of this.

1 Kenyan Shilling= 0.14 Swazi Lilangeni

  1. Zimbabwe



Kenyans are crazy about quotes from Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe so why not visit his country visa-free for 90 days?

Things To Do in Zimbabwe:

Marvel at the majestic Victoria Falls on a helicopter, go bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, enjoy rafting down the Zambezi River that flows just below Victoria Falls, explore Hwange National Park while on horseback and hike in the Chimanimani Mountains

1 Kenyan Shilling=0.0099 US Dollars.

  1. Seychelles



Finally, this beautiful country is a collection of many islands in the Indian Ocean. While most of these islands are uninhabited, the ones that are inhabited consist of amazing scenery that will knock the socks off your feet. More so, honeymooners tend to favour this picturesque island nation.

Things To Do In Seychelles:

Seychelles is blessed with warm climate all year long which means that visitors can go sailing and snorkelling, surfing and windsurfing (best done between May and September) as well as bird-watching. There are also several art studios, marine parks and natural reserves which you can visit. If you are adventurous enough, you can take part in local fishing competitions.

1 Kenyan Shilling=0.13 Seychellois Rupee

With all these countries, you are spoilt for choice on where to go. Have you been to any of these countries or would you love to travel to any? Share with us your plans and experiences. We would love to know all about your tours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hash tag #thevillagepot.

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