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Ever been to a party that was so great you wished it lasted an entire month? I have. I have also been to parties that weren’t awesome. Well, December is here! With the festive season finally showing its rays of light, there is going to be a host of parties (pun intended), some of which you will probably throw. So, what makes the difference between a great, memorable party and just another gathering of people celebrating something? Here are our top tips on how to host a memorable party.

 A Great Party Is Well-Planned

party plan

Random is fun, but planning for a party ensures that mishaps are minimized. There are some key elements you always have to keep in mind while planning. The first one is the type of party. Is it a birthday party, a wedding anniversary or a family get-together? Is it a thanksgiving dinner? Knowing this will determine a couple of factors, like the venue and the number of people you would like to invite. Speaking of which, it is important to send out invites to prospective attendees early, so that people can RSVP. This will greatly aid your planning, especially when it comes to food and the venue.

Secondly, decide on whether you would like your party to have a specific theme or dress code, and let your guests know about it. Of course, there will always be those guests who will completely ignore your specification, but there will be cohesion with majority of the guests. I highly recommend a theme for your party because nothing stands out better than an 80s themes party or a Dexter’s Lab themed party. A theme will make quite the impression on your guests.

A Great Party Has Delicious Food


I attend weddings for the cake. Any other party with good pilau and yummy chapattis will have me talking about it for quite a while. Good food is the core of any party and surplus food will win the hearts of your guests. If you have to hire catering, get reliable services from a recommended caterer. However if you decide to do your own cooking, the cardinal rule is to cook within your means. Stick to your tried and tested recipes. Taking risks is great, but what happens if the bucatini alla Sorrentina you prepared as the main dish turns out disastrous?

You also have to make sure that there is enough food for everyone. This goes for drinks too. It is better to have left-overs than to send guests home feeling dissatisfied. As your guests trickle in, offer them some snacks to nibble on. These could be nuts, popcorn, crisps, rice cakes, or any other thing you deem fit. Ensure your food is well-cooked, delicious and timely. Delayed food at a party is annoying. At the same time, cold food is both annoying and disappointing. So, make sure your food ducks are all in a row.

You Have To Be A Welcoming Host!


Attending parties is easy, but hosting them is a different task altogether. It requires more detail and much more attention. I once attended a party where the host only showed up to give a vote of thanks. Most hosts are often so engrossed in running things at the party that they forget to spend quality time with their guests. You need to remember that your guests are at your party because of you. Therefore try to interact with each one of them. Talk to them and have a few laughs. Delegate tasks to other people, grab a drink and enjoy the party. This would be the perfect time to help your guests make acquaintances if they are strangers to one another, to make new connections and to tighten existing bonds.

Great Music Is The Life Of The Party


Another way to make your party memorable is to ensure that there is great music. Note that party music has to be relevant to the type of party and the attendees. Your great grandparents will probably not feel that Ragga vibe. Your teenage daughter’s friends will most likely fall asleep to Tabu Ley. You cannot please all your guests, but choose music that will resonate well with majority of them. Music not only sets the party mood but also fills in for awkward silences. Additionally, it is a trigger for fun dances, random karaoke sessions and great laughter.

End Your Party with Souvenirs!


Finally, when all is said and done and it’s time to leave, giving souvenirs to your guests would ensure that your party is talked about for days to come. Picture this.

Person X: Nice bracelet. Where did you get it?

Person Y: Thanks! It was a gift from Laura’s Queen of Katwe-themed party. All the guests got something amazing. Chisom got a chessboard!

Who wouldn’t attend your party the next time you host one when they hear this? Contrary to convention, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant or expensive. The ideal gifts will be unique home-crafted souvenirs or useful items from the market. Even the excess party food can be packed in nice plastic containers or covered with aluminum foil and carried home. You know it was great food when your guests ask to take some home!

So let the fun begin! We hope these tips will be of help as you plan and host parties this festive season. Remember to keep us in the loop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #thevillagepot.

Happy partying!




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