Experience Original Shayo at Shakz Shack Tiki Bar.


Shakz Shack

You do not necessarily need to be an alcohol lover to love the level or innovation and originality Shakz Shack has brought to the Nigerian cocktail scene. Shakz Shack is a new cocktail bar currently wowing us with their tasty drinks all around Lagos. They offer a wide range of cocktails including Mai Tai Orijin and the Lagos Island Iced Tea which is a Nigerian variation of the widely known Long Island Iced Tea. Also, their gourds of palmwine are know state-wide. Shacks Shack was officially established on the 29th of April 2016 and was influenced by the lack of exciting, playful, creative, fresh and really good tiki cocktails in Lagos. So they decided to step away from the norm and go into the bar business with the aim of providing contemporary African inspired Tiki cocktails.

The Founders

Shakz Shack

The founders of the cocktail bar are Niyi Shonubi and Abdul-Wahab Oyesiji Peter Akeredolu (AOP).

Niyi is an aspiring Architect and Graphics designer. He is a lover of good food, drinks and the arts in general. He is currently studying for an M.Arch postgraduate degree in Architecture. Additionally, he has a flair for mixing up things and creating unique and exciting things. This brought about the idea of opening up Shakz Shack. In his words, “I guess you can call me a full-time Artist/part-time Mixologist (but then, mixology is art)”.

AOP is a committed community developer and farm owner. He is also from a family whose members are heavily involved in the catering industry. Food and drink is something he grew up around. From his point of view, Shakz Shack brand is about adding a little twist while promoting Africa. The popular palm wine supplied by Shakz Shack is tapped from Genesis Farms in Odeda, Ogun State owned by AOP. Being an entrepreneur has ensured he looks for new ways for the Shakz Shack brand to stand out and represent Africa.


Their Cocktails

Shakz Shack

Shakz Shack creates cocktails using local ingredients, making them more relatable to the public. An example is the Mai Tai Orijin which is the infamous Mai Tai cocktail with a twist of Orijin Bitters, the Lagos Island Iced Tea which is made using the Lipton tea we all know and love so well and Calypso. Finally, their palmwine – Nigeria’s most Nigerian drink –  is a must-try.

Shakz Shack

They also serve a variety of vodka based drinks like the Green Fizz and Vodka Delight.

Shakz Shack

Let us not forget their authentic shots which include the vodka x chili, vodka x skittles, vodka x haribo. The drinks at Shakz Shack can only be enjoyed in-house.

They also serve a variety of mocktails, which are nonalcoholic drinks. They include Lagos Island Ice Tea without the rum, Zobo Sunset; an origibal mix of orange infused zobo topped with orange juice. The Candy Delight is cranberry mix topped with lemonade and grenadine.

The cocktails come with an experience that can only be enjoyed at the bar, so they would rather have the public enjoy the full treatment as it is a part of the Shakz Shack package. Shakz Shack is a mobile bar at the moment but would be opening a permanent bar soon, so watch out.

Connect with them via E-mail or Instagram. Or contact them on 09029847992 and 08081798896. #ShakzShack

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