9 Easy Nigerian Dishes for When You Are Tired


If you have never gotten home fatigued, hungry and tired of Lagos, then you need to introduce me to your own Lagos. I have hammered so much on the stress of living in Lagos; I am starting to sound like a broken record. As much as I love this city, the fact is that most days I return home hungry and too tired to cook. If you are in my shoes, no worries because TVP Adventures is here to offer you solutions. Without further ado, here is a list of easy-to-make Nigerian dishes for when you are tired.

  1. Boiled yam and red oil


This is arguably the easiest Nigerian dish to cook. The yams are sliced, peeled and cooked in boiling water. The only spice required to cook the yam is salt. When eaten with spicy palm oil, this dish is as tasty as it is easy.  Yam can also be enjoyed with fried eggs or tomato stew.

  1. Noodles


Source – 9jafoodie.com

This is one dish every Nigerian has to be familiar with as it is the go-to meal of most students. When you are tired it can be prepared plain but when there is still a little strength left in you, go all out with all sorts of vegetables. It is even written on the packs that this dish that it can be prepared in less than five minutes; simple does not get easier than that.

  1. Spaghetti


Source – cooking.nytimes.com

This is one dish I cannot do without. It is almost as delicious as Jollof with half the stress and time. There are a lot of different recipes to prepare this dish; one thing they all have in common is the simplicity. Indeed, this dish takes about 30 minutes to prepare. For a dish this amazing, we consider 30 minutes little time compared to how delicious it tastes.

  1. Okro soup

Source – allnigerianrecipe.com

This is one of the easiest Nigerian soups to cook. This was actually the first soup I ever tried cooking and I was barely 13. Everyone who has ever prepared this dish knows that it can be prepared in just above 30 minutes, especially when fish is used instead of meat. In addition to its quickness, the simple steps required to prepare this meal is one reason why it is favored by many working Nigerians. Best of all, the simplicity does not take anything away from the overall taste.

  1. Dodo


Source – oyacomechop.com

Dodo (fried plantain) is one meal that has a special place in my heart and that of many Nigerians. It  involves just 3 steps; peel the plantain – slice the plantain – fry the plantain.  Salt is added then the plantain is fried till it is golden brown. This amazing dish can be eaten with fried egg which are also simple to prepare.

  1. Abacha

Source – dooneyskitchen.com

Every red blooded Igbo person knows abacha is the easiest Igbo dish to prepare. And it takes even less time to prepare than to boil white rice. If by now you still do not know what abacha is, then you obviously have not been reading my food stories. Get updated here. Abacha is a cassava based meal indigenous to the Igbo people of Nigeria. . It is dried cassava slices garnished with seasoned palm oil, onions, ugba (oil bean seed), garden eggs leaves and garden eggs.

  1. Ijebu garri and groundnut


Source – zeronever.com

Laugh at me all you want, but this is one of my favorite dishes. And it is an excellent appetizer to keep you till the main course comes. All you need to prepare this awesome dish is Ijebu garri, milk, groundnut, sugar, water and ice cubes for an even more amazing feel. I do not think any full bodied Nigerian can have anything against this dish, so I will go ahead and change the popular saying to ‘Ijebu garri, e no get enemy’.

  1. Fruit salad


Source – wisegeek.com

This is one dish that is packed with vitamins to last you a whole month. As delicious and easy-to-make as the dish is, it is also highly nutritious. All you need do is dice a couple of fruits, mix them together, cool them for a bit, then munch on the goodness that is fruit salad. If you have a little more time, pour it into your blender, add yogurt and turn it into a smoothie.

Which of these dishes is an absolute life saver? Which of them is your favorite quick meal? Tell us about them in the comment section below. Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook so we can share experiences and pictures. Do not forget to hashtag #TVPAdventures


Chisom Nwobu

Chisom is a recently reformed lazy writer, hopeless romantic, an amazing cook, almost semipro Ping-Pong player, the ultimate foodie and one whose sense of humor is second to none. He is extremely optimistic and sees the funny side in everything; even the saddest events. When not writing, Chisom is eating, reading or sleeping. Mostly sleeping. He is also an amazing cook.

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