We Couldn’t Believe Some Horror Travel Stories So We Brought You a Part 2!

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You asked for more horror stories so we found these for you. Every traveller knows that there is no amount of over-planning that can prepare you against unforeseen travel horrors. The best way to handle #horrortravelstories is to convert them to tales when you return. If you make it. Trust, we haven’t been discouraged from our adventures yet despite some of these stories being cringe-worthy. Read Part 1 here and then read below.

  1. Stuck at the Airport

TVPAdventures, Airport, Stuck, Stranded, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: Gannet-cdn.com

When I went to Zimbabwe for the Sanganai conference, My airport transfer was not arranged and I couldn’t reach the contact number. I was stuck at the airport for about 9 hours because my flight arrived at about 1am and I couldn’t get a taxi to town (the airport was virtually empty). I was super exhausted! Eventually, I got a taxi when the Sun was up and I told him to take me to an affordable hotel. The hotel he took me to was a write off but I had to stay there till was able to reach a contact number. Overall, it was a terrible experience.” – Fola Jemi Alade (Fola’s Waka)

2. The ‘Naija Factor’

TVPAdventures, Bad Roads, Horror, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: doktorsea.com

“Is it horrible to say that travelling within Nigeria is one huge horror story? There is the traffic, the bad roads, delayed or cancelled flights with no explanation. You know, it sometimes feels like one huge freak show. The destinations always make the horror worth it though.” – ‘Lola Daniyan (Unravelling Nigeria).

3. Mistaken Identity on a Train

TVPAdventures, Train, Europe, Montenegro, Serbia, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

“I was asleep on a night train between Montenergo and Serbia when I was woken up by police who thought I was an illegant migrant. Let’s just say I slept with an eye open throughout the journey.” – Eghosa (egogetter)

4. I Ate Live Insects and Woke Up with Rashes on My Lips

TVPAdventures, Chimps, Chimpanzee, Allergies, Lips Horror, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

I was in Malaysia when my neighbors invited me for dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant. It was my first time eating these kinds of seafood and the only thing I remember was that they were disgusting. I could swear there were live insects and sea animals in there and even though they looked like they would purge me, they were somewhat delicious. Then, the following day, I woke up with extra long and heavy lips with rashes all over them. I thought I looked like an old chimpanzee. I must have been allergic.” – Mohammad Adamu (Bauchi Friends).

5. The Novice Driver! Sigh…

TVPAdventures, Kidnappers, Horror, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: partykrakow.co.uk

“I had 4 clients from the USA who wanted to tour Usuma Dam and Gurara Falls. As we approached Niger State coming from Abuja, I noticed the driver was confused and had lied all along that he was familiar with the route. At some point, we were 2 hours off route in a village in Niger State. In no time, my clients became fearful of a kidnap scenario, I had to assure them that nothing would go wrong and we were simply avoiding closed routes. Eventually we found our way but I realise now that my story may have sounded like lines along the perfect kidnap ploy. ” Bukie Idowu (Globe Jaunters)

6. Stranded at the Border.

TVPAdventures, Bus, Stranded, Ghana, Horror, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: BangkokPost.com

“On a recent trip to Ghana, the bus was detained at the Aflao border for not properly signing out during the last visit. We found out afer 3 hours of waiting for the driver to clear us out of the border. So, I had to assist the trip organizer to get us another bus to transport us all to Accra. The new bus driver agreed to drop us at the hotel but when we got into Accra, he took us to Mokola market saying we didn’t agree on the hotel. We had to look for another bus to take us all the way back to the hotel around 2am in the morning. This was my worst road trip ever.” Molara Brown (Labyrinths of Lara)

7. Standstill Traffic

TVPAdventures, Traffic, Abeokuta, Lagos, Horror, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: News of Nigeria.

“A straightforward 1.5hour journey from Lagos to Abeokuta turned into a 4-5hour journey due to traffic for no apparent reason.” Nneka Agbim (NXTours)

8. Visitors with no ID

TVPAdventures, Police, Identity, Passport, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: thedrvibesshow

We all foolishly left our passports in our apartment during a trip to another country and almost got arrested by the police on our very first night! They refused us to walk to our building which was just a block away. When you do not have identity and the police don’t believe you, it is not a funny adventure! – Michael (micernest)

9. VIP Rooms with Dirty Toilets and Broken Doors.

“My worst experience so far was during my stay at Ikogosi Resort. Two years after I first visited during the opening, the resort was poorly managed and the VIP room I slept in was scary. There were broken doors, a smelly room, dirty bath and toilet and no network.” – Oluwatosin Ajibade (OloriSuperGal, Travel Africa Story)

10. Another Kidnap Ploy?

TVPAdventures, Bike, Okada, Afia Drill Ranch, SnapitOga, Devesh Uba, Travel, Travel Stories, Horror Travel Stories, #HorrorTravelStories

Source: Devesh Uba (SnapitOga)

“On a trip to Afi Drill Ranch in Cross River State, we were on a bike on a stretch of road that was not motorable when we  lost our way, lost phone network and started hearing sounds in the bush. As if that was not creepy enough, the bike stopped working. We were sure we had been kidnapped. Eventually, the bike worked, we turned around, took another route and finally got to Afi Drill Ranch.” – Michael O. Lekan-Kehinde (Discoveria).

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