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We Couldn’t Believe Some Horror Travel Stories So We Brought You a Part 2!

  You asked for more horror stories so we found these for you. Every traveller knows that there is no amount of over-planning that can prepare you against unforeseen travel horrors. The best way to handle #horrortravelstories is to convert them to tales when you return. If you make it. Trust, we haven’t been discouraged from our adventures yet despite some of these stories being cringe-worthy. Read Part 1 here...


Experience Original Shayo at Shakz Shack Tiki Bar.

  You do not necessarily need to be an alcohol lover to love the level or innovation and originality Shakz Shack has brought to the Nigerian cocktail scene. Shakz Shack is a new cocktail bar currently wowing us with their tasty drinks all around Lagos. They offer a wide range of cocktails including Mai Tai Orijin and the Lagos Island Iced Tea which is a Nigerian variation of the widely...

Ethiopian New Year 0

This is How a Family Celebrates Ethiopian New Year While Living in the United States.

As winter ends and spring emerges, Enqutatash – Ethiopian New Year, is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Ethiopian calendar, Meskerem 1 which is equivalent to September 11 in the Gregorian calendar. At home, the end of winter and New Year is marked by the return of Adey Abeba (yellow flowering Bidens species) to the fields of Ethiopia. We exchange Adey Abeba and decorate our homes with the...


These 4 Nigerians Living in Kenya Share Their Stories

It is commonly said that “if you do not find a Nigerian where you go, go somewhere else.” Perhaps the large population of the country allows for its people to spread around the world. Nairobi is not left out, boasting of a sizeable Nigerian population. My neighbourhood is like a mini Lagos; pidgin is as rampant as Swahili in this community. So, we decided to share the experiences of some...


Fitfam, Get in Here! We Can’t Keep Off These Delicious & Healthy Food Products from UWA Earth Foods.

Fitfam, get in here! We are so excited when we discover entrepreneurs making a unique contribution to the foodscape in Nigeria. UWA Earth Foods is one of such initiatives. Uwa (pronounced ooh-wah) is an Igbo word which means Earth, World, Nature. As its name suggests, this is a Nigerian wholefoods brand, offering the best of natural nut butters (peanut and cashew nut butter), pure palm oil, coconut oil and peanut crunch bites...


These Contemporary Food Brands Reveal The New Kenya

The food industry in Kenya has grown tremendously over the years. With such a diversity of contemporary food brands coming on to the scene which means that Kenyans have more options to choose from. As a result, we have compiled a list of exciting contemporary food brands that embody the new Kenya and are worth a try.


Hilarious or Scary? Share your horror travel stories with us!

We cannot get enough of the crazy horror travel stories that people have been sharing with us all week. Now, we want you to add yours using the hashtag #horrortravelstories or in the form below. First, see some of the ones we’ve received: The hilarious… “I went with the kids to Orvieto, Italy. After a while, I noticed people were nice to my children but staring at me. I eventually caught a reflection...

8 Horror Travel Stories that are Cringe-worthy (but won’t stop us from travelling).

Travelling is fun and adventurous but sometimes, things go wrong. In honour of the crazy stories from our quest to travel the world, we asked for our readers to share some of their  horror travel stories using the hashtag #horrortravelstories. We got a few responses that were  hilarious and cringe-worthy! 1. A suitcase going to nowhere. “Once from Cancun to Detroit, we arrived late because of a bad snow storm and had...


10 Restaurants That Offer International Cuisines in Kenya

It is often said that the world is a global village, where everything and everyone is connected in one way or the other. As pertains to food adventures, you do not need to physically travel to different countries in order to get a taste of the different cuisines the world has to offer. Now, you can enjoy international cuisines from different parts of the world, in a restaurant right in...


Here Is What You Missed At The Food Market Nairobi

You know it is going to be a great event when even the sun uniquely comes out to bear witness to the celebration of food, especially in this cold July season. The inaugural edition of The Food Market Nairobi went down last Saturday at the serene Nairobi Arboretum and it was an event filled to the brim with the entertainment, education and enjoyment Vendors of various food items,drinks and cooking...