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Experience Original Shayo at Shakz Shack Tiki Bar.

  You do not necessarily need to be an alcohol lover to love the level or innovation and originality Shakz Shack has brought to the Nigerian cocktail scene. Shakz Shack is a new cocktail bar currently wowing us with their tasty drinks all around Lagos. They offer a wide range of cocktails including Mai Tai Orijin and the Lagos Island Iced Tea which is a Nigerian variation of the widely...


Cocktail Glass Smoothie

Who says cocktail glasses are for only alcoholic drinks? If you have a guest and would like to entertain them with a nice drink or just feel fancy and want something healthy, make yourself a smoothie and present it in a cocktail glass! It’s a win-win for everyone since it can be served to adults, kids and seniors.


8 Birthday Gift Ideas that any Foodie Would Love

I stand to be corrected, but I believe foodies are the easiest people to share gifts with. It is considered an easy task because everyone eats, so the concept of food is very familiar to us all. There isn’t much to gifting a foodie really, just creativity and uniqueness. They will appreciate thoughtfulness, no matter how small. In fact, anyone will appreciate it if you got them something uniquely made for...


Drinking Through Nigeria: 10 Drinks You Must Try In Nigeria

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon on the streets of Yaba, Lagos; I had just left the comfort of my air-conditioned classroom into the heat of the scorching Sun. My handkerchief was wet from constantly wiping away sweat dripping from my forehead and temples. I almost started raining curses at the Sun as I thought of the ten agonizing minutes I still had to walk before I could get a...


Here Is What You Missed At The Food Market Nairobi

You know it is going to be a great event when even the sun uniquely comes out to bear witness to the celebration of food, especially in this cold July season. The inaugural edition of The Food Market Nairobi went down last Saturday at the serene Nairobi Arboretum and it was an event filled to the brim with the entertainment, education and enjoyment Vendors of various food items,drinks and cooking...


Drinking through Africa: 8 fruit drinks, cocktails, wines and liqueurs to try on the continent

Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than ending a long scorching day with something to quench one’s thirst. Drinks can accompany a great meal as a finisher, go alongside a sweet dessert or start the day off. More than just accompaniments, drinks are essential parts of any culinary experience. We’ve gathered various types of drinks with African origin — juices, liqueurs, cocktails — to give you some ideas on new drinks...


The art of tea in Morocco

My father’s side of the family, my Nigerian side, lives in London. The fall of 2013, I moved to Madrid, Spain to teach English. I was closer to London and planned to reconnect with family I didn’t have the luxury of being near during my childhood, as I grew up in the Southeastern United States. The one thing I remember most vividly about my visit was tea.


Come Rain, Come Shine; You Can Brew this Fresh and Fruity Pineapple Skin Tea!

I have probaly thrown a whole forest of pineapple skins away from blending pineapple juices and smoothies but I knew there had to be something delicious I could make from the peels. I found that the pineapple skin tea already exists and I decided to give it a try. No more wasted fruit peels! It is quick, simple and a delicious natural drink. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...


Cashews are in Season! Cool off with this Refreshing Cashew Juice.

I will miss this Harmattan season for its juicy cashew fruits. Last week, I had a throwback to my childhood holidays when we would pluck cashews in my father’s home-town during Harmattan. Well, the village came to me. I plucked my own cashew fruits from one of my favorite places in Lagos – LUFASI Nature Park. Nigerians are more familiar with the nuts of these fruits than the actual flesh...


Fresh Orange and Agbalumo / Udara Juice.

I was on the road when I noticed that agbalumo is back in season. Growing up in Port Harcourt, we had different varieties of udara – as my Ikwerre people call it. The sweet one was called nwannu and there was not even the slightest hint of sour in it. These days in Lagos, no one knows what I’m talking about when I ask for the sweet variety. Typically, udara...