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Unspoken Nigerian Food Rules That We Do Not Understand

If you have ever been slapped by your neighbor for eating with your left hand, then you know what I mean. Nigeria is a nation with a lot of unofficial rules and regulations. Many of these rules are just plain funny at face value so we decided to uncover the reasons behind them. In no particular order, here are some of the most unbelievable unofficial Nigerian food rules.


Healthy and Filling Oatmeal for Breakfast.

  Healthy oatmeal is our recipe for today! How do you eat your oatmeal? A lot of times we leave it super basic with just milk or just hot water and then add sugar/sweeteners. Oatmeal is a very nutritious food that makes a great breakfast, dinner or even filling snack and keeps you feeling full for long periods.


9 Easy Nigerian Dishes for When You Are Tired

If you have never gotten home fatigued, hungry and tired of Lagos, then you need to introduce me to your own Lagos. I have hammered so much on the stress of living in Lagos; I am starting to sound like a broken record. As much as I love this city, the fact is that most days I return home hungry and too tired to cook. If you are in my...

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Chef Seun’s Recipe for Carrot Soup is a Hit!

If you were amazed by Chef Seun’s handcrafted pasta, you will be impressed to know that his expertise extends to delicious soup delicacies. Chef Seun is a student at Culinary Academy, Ikoyi and the founder of Sean’s Fresh Pasta; a bespoke brand of homemade pasta. This colorful, carrot soup is gourmet at our fingertips. Chef Seun whipped up this recipe and it is a joy to share this recipe. Grab a tv...


Experience Original Shayo at Shakz Shack Tiki Bar.

  You do not necessarily need to be an alcohol lover to love the level or innovation and originality Shakz Shack has brought to the Nigerian cocktail scene. Shakz Shack is a new cocktail bar currently wowing us with their tasty drinks all around Lagos. They offer a wide range of cocktails including Mai Tai Orijin and the Lagos Island Iced Tea which is a Nigerian variation of the widely...


How To Host A Memorable Party

  Ever been to a party that was so great you wished it lasted an entire month? I have. I have also been to parties that weren’t awesome. Well, December is here! With the festive season finally showing its rays of light, there is going to be a host of parties (pun intended), some of which you will probably throw. So, what makes the difference between a great, memorable party...


Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwich: An Unbelievably Simple Fruit Snack!

  Next time you need a snack a snack for yourself, or need to serve to guests either at a birthday or in your home don’t look too far away. This Apple sandwich is great tasting and the ingredients are things you most likely already have in your kitchen. The snack is also more filling than you’ll expect because it’s filled with protein rich almonds and peanut butter.


Did You Know that Vegan Is Not Vegetarian? Here Is The Difference.

    October was Vegetarian Month, and we honored it by detailing some meatless but oh so delicious Nigerian foods. A year before that Funmi hosted a vegetarian party following a vegetarian week and it turned out great. Now, as a foodie, I am always on the lookout for international holidays that are about food. So I was surprised when I found out that even after Vegetarian month, November 1st...

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7 Food Myths Surrounding Cancer

Every one of us has likely lost someone we love to cancer. My grandma died of pancreatic cancer back in 2009. Cancer kills an average of 8.2 million people each year and lung, liver and breast cancer are among the highest killers. We do not fully understand cancer and as with anything with an element of mystery, several myths have arisen around foods that may help to cure cancer.   After...


In Honor of Cancer Awareness Month, These Foods Can Help Keep Cancer At Bay.

My biological mother died of breast cancer. I was five and my brother was three. Back then, little was known of chemotherapy or of any other form of treatment that could potentially heal the disease. In most cases, like my mother’s a late diagnosis allowed the cancer to quickly metastasize and rob the victim of their life. I was lucky that my brother and I were taking in by a...