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Five Great Benefits of Camping For Parents With Kids Over Two Years Old

Hannah Tong shares excellent tips on camping with children in this story. The stresses of the modern world can clutter people’s lives with unnecessary worry. Real camping experiences (i.e. camping out in a tent, not a motel room) can help relieve some of this stress and promote family bonding. Camping can also help family members grow spiritually, establish a deeper sense of community, and acquire a better understanding of nature....

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Arriving the Crisp-Air City of Port-Elizabeth (V14 Adventures)

Hi there! What’s crack-a-lackin, my fellow happy feet? Welcome to the second episode of my adventures. I’m still basking in my South-African experience at the end of last year. Stay up-to-date with this story by reading the first part here.  When we got to Port-Elizabeth, we were immediately wowed by the very very clean air. It was almost crisp and it was windy and very cold (No wonder it’s called The Windy...

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Travelling to South Africa with My Husband and a 5-month Old Child (V14 Adventures)

  Hi There! I am Valentina Chimonez – Hynes and I am your eager and excited pilot on this journey. Welcome aboard flight V14 Adventures where I share my travel experiences as a wife and mother of one. I will be sharing helpful travelling tips on travelling with my baby, husband, friends and even strangers. It has been 5 months since I gave birth to my son, Harry – Zander...