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In Honor of Cancer Awareness Month, These Foods Can Help Keep Cancer At Bay.

My biological mother died of breast cancer. I was five and my brother was three. Back then, little was known of chemotherapy or of any other form of treatment that could potentially heal the disease. In most cases, like my mother’s a late diagnosis allowed the cancer to quickly metastasize and rob the victim of their life. I was lucky that my brother and I were taking in by a...


These 4 Nigerians Living in Kenya Share Their Stories

It is commonly said that “if you do not find a Nigerian where you go, go somewhere else.” Perhaps the large population of the country allows for its people to spread around the world. Nairobi is not left out, boasting of a sizeable Nigerian population. My neighbourhood is like a mini Lagos; pidgin is as rampant as Swahili in this community. So, we decided to share the experiences of some...

World Tourism Day 2

15 of My Favourite Photos from Nairobi – World Tourism Day!

I love Nairobi. This city is close to my heart and really, all of Kenya continues to fascinate me. It also so happens that I am in Nairobi today while the world celebrates World Tourism Day. In honour of this day that ties the world together, I’m sharing my favorite photos from this particular trip to Nairobi. So, Happy World Tourism Day folks! Enjoy my photostories from Nairobi.


In These Streets! 10 of Kenya’s Most Popular Street Foods

Quick fact; 2.5 billion people eat street food everyday. That is how big of a deal it is. Some countries even have a special day set aside to celebrate street food vendors! Correspondingly, Kenya has seen people rise from being vendors to celebrated celebrities, case in point, Bonoko. Street foods are not only economical, they are also are a great way to appreciate the African food culture. Furthermore, you promote...


These 6 African Countries Have a Mind-Blowing Food Scene.

  We have heard of fine dining in South Africa and rich cuisine in Nigeria, but publications often talk about the rest of the continent with less flair and flavour. In reality, the diversity across Africa lends itself to the cuisine and travellers can expect a unique and mind-blowing food scene in every corner of the continent. Here are six under-rated countries with mind-blowing food scenes…


These 10 countries Grant Visa-Free Entry to Kenyans!

Did you know that the Kenyan passport is the 6th most powerful in Africa yet Kenyans do not explore this advantage? It is also the most powerful passport in East Africa, and is ranked 50th in the world out of 199 indexed passports. As a result, Kenyan passport holders can visit 68 countries in the world visa-free, 19 of which are in Africa. So, have you been holding back from...


Taste the World on a Budget (3): Where to Stay!

After flight tickets, hotel expenses are the most common reasons why trips become too expensive. Sometimes, we dream of luxurious resorts by the beach or in the middle of a safari camp but until we can afford those, we should still be able to travel. Some of my most adventurous and memorable travel experiences have occurred while staying with people in places other than nice hotels. This list of places...


10 Restaurants That Offer International Cuisines in Kenya

It is often said that the world is a global village, where everything and everyone is connected in one way or the other. As pertains to food adventures, you do not need to physically travel to different countries in order to get a taste of the different cuisines the world has to offer. Now, you can enjoy international cuisines from different parts of the world, in a restaurant right in...


10 Fun and Exciting Things To Do With The Kids This School Holiday In Nairobi

It is August so schools are closed for the holidays. Most children spend their days watching cartoons and playing outside the house, day in day out. This is fine, but it is important to give your children experiences that they will remember for a long time; something they can ‘brag’ about to their peers when they get back to school. So, here is a list of fun and exciting things...