Open Your Heart Camp, 2017 (Free to Dream)

Open Your Heart Camp

2017 Theme: Free to Dream

What’s Open Your Heart Camp (OYHC)?

On Saturday July 29th, 2017, Open Your Heart empowerment programme took a group of 10 Nigerian teenagers on a road camp to the former slave town of Badagry. In Badagry, they explored culture, history, nature and adventure. TVP Adventures has hosted several travel expeditions across Nigeria and Africa. This tour became our first charity program which provided an all-expense paid on-the road empowerment tour of Badagry to disadvantaged teenagers in the country. This year’s theme was ‘FREE TO DREAM‘.

The immersion program took 10 teenagers on a journey of self-discovery to develop leadership skills and improve their lives. The event was facilitated by experienced Nigerian adventure travelers and volunteers who are skilled in using nature, history, culture and on-the-road experience to teach teenagers and empower them to achieve their goals and dreams.

We produced quality photography and videos from this event to enable us spread the word to the world as well as garner support for subsequent years. These will also enable the youths memorialize their once-in-a-lifetime experience on the road.

Why this?

When a child is given the opportunity to experience hands-on travel learning, the child is able to delve deeply into a range of lessons including history, culture and self-awareness. By experiencing education amidst the sights and sounds of new places, students are able to develop a new perspective on life. A study (Wagner Group, 2013) indicates that students from disadvantaged communities who participate in educational travel programs are 56% more likely to complete higher education than their counterparts who do not participate in such programs. Also, 80% of such students were more proactive in their academics when they returned to school.

The five goals of this program are to:

1. Sharpen self-awareness
2. Enhance perspective
3. Foster independence
4. Strengthen leadership skills
5. Demonstrate courage

Our 2017 Partners!

These individuals and organisations supported our program through their generous contributions:

  1. Ayobami Olufadeji
  2. Desmond Majekodunmi
  3. Mofe Runsewe
  4. Sam Adeleke
  5. L & L Foods (Mr. Ekpa)
  6. Yellow Paw Paw Pins
  7. Nnenna Fakoya – Smith
  8. Adeseye Adegboye

You can reach us at [email protected] for more information.

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